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*Last Updated Post: Saturday, November 11, 2011* – no longer will it display “/resetscore” in the chat when you type the commend and ‘/rs’ is now a chat command to reset the score
This is my first plugin that I am posting up, its a small plugin but I think the idea isnt too bad and somewhat original (the fact that I dont think anyone else has done it yet) and can be useful.

This small plugin allows a player to reset their score back to 0 kills and 0 deaths, this saves them the trouble of reconnecting to your server to reset their score. It makes it easier on them because its a simple command that they would type, and helps your server by not having another person reconnecting and possibly lagging your server.

Client Commands
“say /resetscore” OR “say /restartscore” – This will reset their kills and deaths back to 0

Cvars/Server Commands
(These commands should be put in server.cfg if you want to change them from their defaults)
sv_rsdisplay – (Default 0) If this is set to 1 it will show who resets their score when they reset it
sv_rsadvertise – (Default 0) If this is set to 1 then it will show that this is in your server and tell people how to use it every 10 minuites and when they connect to your server

If you find any bugs please post it or if you have any suggestions feel free to post those too and ill do my best to fix/add them.

*Found a spelling error, and I reposted the fixed version as of Monday July 14 2008*


:: Changelog ::
Version 1.0 ( Monday July 13 2008 )
– Released

  • Fully working and tested score resetting with counter strike
  • Display cvar (sv_rsdisplay) to turn on/off displaying who uses it and when
  • Advertise cvar (sv_rsadvertise) to turn on/off the advertising of it to let people in the server know its in use and how to use it

Version 1.1 ( Monday July 14 2008 )
– Changed a bit of coding (cvars to pcvars)
– Fixed a spelling error

:: To Do ::

  • Add in an command that allows admins to manually change a players score and then have the addition/deduction of the players score added/removed from their overall server rank – Not Complete
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